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Bitsum Process Lasso Pro v9.8.0.52 + Activator | 32bit & 64bit

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Process Lasso is a unique new technology that will, amongst other things, improve your PCs responsiveness and stability. Windows, by design, allows programs to monopolize your CPU without restraint – leading to freezes and hangs. Process Lassos ProBalance (Process Balance) technology intelligently adjusts the priority of running programs so that badly behaved or overly active processes won’t interfere with your ability to use the computer!


§  Prevent processes from monopolozing the CPU(s)

§  ProBalance dynamic priority optimization

§  CPU throttling (new)

§  Save process priorities for future instances

§  Save process CPU affin


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Bitsum Process Lasso Pro v9.8.0.52 + Activator + 32bit & 64bit | 4.8 MB

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