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Download Kali Linux 2020.1 Images 64 bit + Download via Torrent

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 Kali as your Main OS

So with this, should you use Kali as your daily driver, as the primary OS? It’s up to you.
There wasn’t anything really stopping you before, we just don’t encourage it. We still don’t. But its a helping hand for the people who are familiar with Kali enough.

Why do we not recommend it?
Because we are unable to test for that usage pattern and we don’t want the influx of bug reports that would come with it.
If you are brave enough to try it, you may wish to switch the branch from “rolling” to “kali-last-snapshot” to try and be more stable.

Kali Single Installer Image

We took a good hard look at the usage of Kali, what images are actually downloaded, how they are put to use, and so on. With this information in hand, we decided to completely restructure and simplify the images we release. Going forward, we will have an installer image, a live image, and a network installer image.

These changes should allow for easier selection of the right image for you to download, while increasing flexibility on installation and further reducing download sizes.

Our Installer Image

  • This is what we recommend for most users that want to install Kali on their system
  • Doesn’t require a network connection (aka offline install) for the default package selection
  • Able to select desktop environment to install (Previously there was a separate image for each DE: XFCE, GNOME, KDE, etc.)
  • Able to select tools to install at install time
  • Can’t be used to boot a live system. This is just an installer image.
  • Filename:
    • kali-linux-2020.1-installer-<amd64|i386>.iso

We are no longer offering separate images for every desktop environment (DE). Instead, we now have a single image with the option to pick your DE during installation. This means there isn’t a download link for Xfce (which is our default option since 2019.4), GNOME, KDE, MATE or LXDE DEs. Just one image to rule them all.

At install time, you may select the tools included with Kali (or none at all)! This gives you more control over what you want. We understand that Kali comes with more tools than some people use, or they have their own select tools they use. Now they can install Kali without any metapackages, giving them a bare Kali installation, so they can individually select what tools they want (rather than groups).

The default image contains the kali-desktop-xfce and kali-tools-default packages, allowing for an offline installation of Kali (as it always has been). Selecting any non-default tools will require a network connection.

 Note: If link does not working Please leave your message in time. We upgrade in time. Best Luck!

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Download Kali Linux 2020.1 + 64 bit  | 3.6 GB

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