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MSTech Search In Contents Pro v2.0.0.0 + Crack

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There are hundreds of scenarios where finding a document in the shortest possible time is essential. Just think of a work presentation, a file for an upcoming deadline, or an important download that ended up in some folder because maybe you got distracted before clicking on “Save”. And then, let’s be serious, the download folders have so many files such that trying to find a file in there is like trying to look for a needle in a haystack. Do you remember that file you thought you didn’t need anymore, and you saved it in the umpteenth “Untitled” folder?




§  Search in Hundreds of Formats
Search in any text-based file and find what you are looking for, fast and easy.

§  Immediate access to results
Go through the results while the software is still searching on your computer.

§  Search faster than a pro user
Find your documents effortlessly and instantly, without running any risks.

§  An advanced Embedded File Viewer
Open, edit, convert and print the found files listed in the search results through the software itself.

§  Find your desired file(s) for a given text effortlessly
It supports all text-based files Including : Microsoft office documents, Pdf, Plane text, Spread sheet, programing files and web files.

§  Quick Search
Perform your searches and get the results listed in a few clicks. Select the proper search option from the Windows context menu. Next, enter the search phrase and press the button.

§  Scroll into the file
The software locates the result (found text) in each document, and you can get there by selecting each item on the result list.

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MSTech Search In Contents Pro v2.0.0.0 + Crack File| 68.5 MB

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