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OCCT Version: 6.0.0 + Portable Protect your PC & Overheating etc + Crack Files

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OCCT is a program with which you can perform stress testing of your computer and its individual components, as well as pair testing "RAM + CPU". Modern multi-core processor models are supported, and test results are displayed in a convenient graph.

Aattention!!! During installation, you will be prompted to visit the repack author’s site. Uncheck at will.

OCCT is a program due to which you can check your computer for its stability by conducting various stress tests of its components separately and pairwise testing of RAM and processor.

During the work of the program, data obtained from third-party applications of this purpose (Everest, MotherBoard Monitor, SpeedFan, SysTool, AIDA64 and others) can be used, and the results of the verification will be presented in a convenient graph.


Features of Program

Stress test of the GPU, creating close to maximum load;
Automatic detection of image errors caused by instability of the GPU in the rendering of the test scene; GPU temperature monitoring during the test;
The ability to automatically and manually adjust the complexity of the testing shader code;
Support for SLI configurations;
Video memory reliability test, built on the CUDA universal computing API.


What’s new in this Version

MAIN: Revamped a lot of parts of OCCT that had technical debt
MAIN: LOTS of bugfixes everywhere
MAIN: rewrote the test scheduler of OCCT to pave the way for future updates
MAIN: revamped a lot of parts of OCCT that had technical debt
MAIN: Increased the area available for test names in the UI
MAIN: Better handling of multi-GPU and various bugfixes
UI: Revamped the test UI for selecting Infinite / Timed tests
UI: Dropped the "Timed with idle periods" test in OCCT - it is replaced by the "monitoring-only" test
UI: got rid of the space in the test thumbnails - fits much better in tight spaces!
TEST: added a monitoring-only test that will do nothing, but once canceled / finished, enabling you to generate reports
3D & POWER SUPPLY: Fixed a bug where the resolution list could be empty on startup
REPORT: Names are now prefixed with OCCT- for better sorting
TRANSLATIONS: Added Uzbek (Thanks Sher Khan!)


Features Repack

1. Installing the program combined in one distribution kit or unpacking the portable version (portable app format)
2. Multilingual interface (including Russian)

"Silent" installation with the / SILENT or / VERYSILENT keys (or the "Silent Install.cmd" file)
For "Silent" install portable version additional key / PORTABLE = 1 (or the file "Unpack Portable.cmd")


System Requirements

Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 (x64)

How to Crack & Install  

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Note: If link does not working Please leave your message in time. We upgrade in time. Best Luck!

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OCCT version 6.0.0 Portable repack + Crack File | 18.5 MB

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